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Young men who view more pornography experiencing erectile dysfunction

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Young men who view more pornography experiencing erectile dysfunction, study says PHOENIX (KSAZ) – Young men who prefer pornography to real sexual encounters are unable to perform well with other people when the opportunity presents itself, according to a study recently conducted by a San Diego based urology clinic. “Over time, a person can become over stimulated. Over stimulation causes the brain chemicals to change, specifically the neuro transmitter dopamine. Dopamine is responsible for feeling good, for feeling...

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Adult VR gaining popularity

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Adult VR gaining popularity, but could hurt real relationships PHOENIX (KSAZ) – You’ve heard of online dating, but what about using virtual reality to interact with the opposite sex? More and more people are turning to adult virtual reality in place of real intimacy. Virtual reality can take us face to face with a Great White shark or to the highest peak on Earth, but some are slipping on headsets for a “steamier” experience: virtual reality sex. “It’s instant gratification and we are in a society where we...

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